Zencom Telecommunications

Environmental Policy

Zencom Telecommunications

The Directors of Zencom Telecommunications Ltd fully agree and support the need to develop an environmental policy that allows us to provide our services in a sustainable way.  The company will strive to abide by all existing legislation and regulations, and will apply responsible standards where there are no existing regulations or legislation.

The purpose of this document is to formalise the commitment given by the Directors to the protection of the environment by the use of processes and practices that have the least impact on the environment.

This document applies to all our employees and every aspect of work carried out by Zencom Telecommunications Ltd.

Our environmental statement will:

  • understand the importance of environmental issues and work towards processes and practices that have the least impact on the environment;
  • consider potential environmental impacts and benefits in the design, selection and marketing of products and services;
  • adopt practices to lessen environmental impact, prevent pollution and minimise other negative effects so far as is practical;
  • encourage our suppliers (of goods and services) to meet acceptable environmental standards;
  • support environmental awareness and responsibility in all Zencom employees and in company training programmes;
  • ensure that consideration is given to the wise use of energy; where possible the latest low energy using systems will be installed at our offices.

The Company is developing the following strategies to reduce our environmental impact:

  • energy surveys of buildings and plant to assess usage patterns and identify possible savings to be made in the process;
  • employee energy-saving awareness programmes promoting the wise use of energy, for example remembering to switch off lights and turn down thermostats;
  • waste streams will be identified and where possible waste will be reduced and recycled; currently all wastepaper is collected for recycling;
  • implementation of in-house environmental audits to monitor the effectiveness of Zencom Telecommunications' environmental policy;
  • consultation regarding environmental issues will be included on the agenda of the company's regular safety, health and environmental meetings.