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Bonded DSL

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Bonded DSL

Do you require faster speeds than standard ADSL?  Is your business not yet in a fibre-enabled area?  Our fast, resilient and cost-effective solution is the perfect alternative.

How Bonded DSL will benefit your business:

Increased productivity: Our Bonded DSL service provides the increased download and upload speeds needed for transferring large amounts of data and is ideal for accessing externally hosted servers or cloud applications.

Enhanced resilience: An advantage of Bonded DSL is even if one of the lines fail, the others will maintain your connection and your service will remain unaffected.

Leased line alternative: A viable, cost-effective alternative to a leased line; similar download speeds for up to 70% less cost and no expensive install fees.

Full flexibility: Simply add or remove lines as your business requirements change.  Service contracts are available for 1 or 12 month periods with monthly or quarterly billing to suit your business needs.

How Bonded DSL works:

With full availability across the UK, it's easy to take advantage of the improved bandwidth and resilience that multiple bonded lines can offer.  We combine up to four standard ADSL lines together to create a faster single connection. Unlike many combined solutions, our service uses an aggregated connection to take full advantage of the combined speed of all bonded lines.  The speeds you receive will depend on the number and quality of lines to your premises and the distance you are from the exchange, but in ideal conditions we can reach download speeds of up to 80Mb and upload speeds of up to 4Mb.
As part of our service, we also provide pre-configured routers that combine these multiple lines, enabling you to easily manage them as a single connection.